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Ecoballs 1000 washes - Pure Linen

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Ecozone’s Ecoball 1000 washes are an innovative alternative to laundry detergent, be it liquid or tablets, which were designed by Ecozone over 20 years ago.

How do they work? It’s simple; the secure spherical casing with lock mechanism is filled with two types of small pellets that are made from a formulation of natural minerals (brown pellets) and cleaning agents (white pellets). Once the Ecoball is topped up, place the Ecoball into the washing machine along with your clothes and that’s it! The pellets then get to work, lifting dirt from the material and providing an effective clean. The blue Ecoballs have a wonderfully fresh pure linen fragrance, are hypoallergenic and residue free to be kind to skin.

To further add to their eco credentials, Ecoballs 1000 are cost effective, clean at cool temperatures (30c) and can be used without a rinse cycle, which can help to cut down on water use and wash time.

  • Refillable innovative laundry detergent alternative providing up to 1000 washes
  • Effectively cleans at 30c wash temperatures
  • Wonderfully fresh pure linen fragrance, hypoallergenic and residue free to be kind to skin
  • With mineral-based & biodegradable ingredients

Ingredients "Brown Pellets: Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, α-olefin sulfonate, Saponin, sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Calcium carbonate, Epoxy resin

White Pellets Pure Linen: Oxirane,2-(chioromethyl)-,homopolymer, Calcium carbonate, Saponin, Sodium alpha-olefin Sulfonate, Sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Dodecan-l-ol,ethoxylated, Fresh Linen essential oil
Product code:  ECOBALLSLINEN

Reviews of Ecoballs 1000 washes - Pure Linen 4.6 out of 5 (3 reviews)

Reliable, long lasting and effective
I love this product and have recommended it to all my friends
Used Ecoballs before - like them, no fuss, lovely smell.
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