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Forever Flush Toilet Block - Indigo Twin Pack

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Ecozone’s Forever Flush Toilet Block is an innovative alternative to toilet rim hangers, that sits discretely in the toilet cistern. Activating between flushes, the block is designed to gradually release the powerful eco-friendly solution inside when it is penetrated with water. Upon flushing, the purple and sanitised water filters into the toilet bowl, cleansing and descaling the toilet in one. This pack provides 2 Forever Flush Toilet Blocks.

  • Cleans, sanitised & descales the toilet bowl on every flush
  • Discrete in cistern solution, that activates between flushes
  • Non toxic & septic tank safe
  • With biodegradable & bleach free ingredients

Ingredients Sodium laureth sulfate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Sodium Alky-benzene Sulphonate, Sodium sulphate, Liquid Violet
Product code:  ZONEFFIND

Reviews of Forever Flush Toilet Block - Indigo T... 4.0 out of 5 (5 reviews)

Brilliant product, in glass jar which means you don't end up with undissolved deposits in the cistern like other toilet blocks after they have stopped working.
Just stained the toilet and nothing else I am afraid sorry had to use bleach to get the stain out. Perhaps it’s because my toilet which is about 20years old but very clean perhaps it’s the porcelain that’s affecting them. Sorry would not buy again
Very easy to use and recyclable! The purple does leave a slight trace on the porcelain but it does scrub off if you're fussy!
Fabulous product lovely colour 😇
Does the job, no hassle.
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