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hair unblocker

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Normally £7.99
Now only £5.35
(£2.14 per 100ml)

Delivery FAQ »

Normally £7.99
Now only £5.35
(£2.14 per 100ml)

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The Plughole Hair Unblocker is another enzyme-based treatment for blocked drains. Containing specially developed ingredients that slowly eat away through trapped hair and other organic build-ups in bathroom sinks, baths or showers. This non-toxic, noncorrosive formula will clear almost anything without damaging your plumbing.

  • Safe for septic tanks and aquatic life.
  • Actively dissolves trapped hair & organic matter that has caused blockages
  • Perfect for use in all bathroom plugholes & drains
  • Enzymatic formula that’s safe for septic tanks

How To Use

1) Pour 2 litres of boiling water into the plughole. 2) Then pour half the contents of the bottle, without adding further water. 3) Leave for 12 to 24 hours, then follow with 2 litres of boiling water. 4) This should be followed by maintenance doses once a month.

Ingredients Calcium Thioglycolate Hydroxide, Alcohols C9-11, ethoxylated, MONOPROPYLENE GLYCOL PROPANE-1,2-DIOL, subtilisin, PEG Copolymer, Propan-2-ol, Lemon Fragrance, Calcium Chloride
Contents: 250ml

Reviews of hair unblocker 4.5 out of 5 (4 reviews)

An excellent product, does what it says on the label, dissolves the hair, unblocks plughole, free from hair
Did not get sparkling results I hoped for first time using them. Two uses in a pack so will try again before giving up.
Very efficient product here, easy to use and solved the problem with blocked drain. No more paddling in the shower!
Great stuff. It worked on every plug - kitchen, shower and bath. Definitely 5 stars.
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