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anti-limescale magnoloo

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Ecozone’s Magnoloo is a unique, low cost & effectivelong-term maintenance product to prevent limescale build-up in toilet cisterns. This means that once the Magnoloo is placed into the tank, it will get straight to work and begin to reduce scale. With using Ecozone’s Magnoloo it may lessen the need to rely on and use strong limescale removing chemicals and bleaches. Instead, we recommend to use in conjunction with regular use of Ecozone's Toilet Cleaner Gel for a sparkling scale free finish.

  • Maintains toilet cisterns by reducing scale without using chemical additives
  • Long-term water softening solution
  • 1 pack provides 2 Magnoloo's
  • Discrete in cistern application
  • Allergy UK approved

Ingredients Magnets and PVC rubber
Product code:  MAGNOLOO

Reviews of anti-limescale magnoloo 4.8 out of 5 (5 reviews)

Very useful!
This product has greatly reduced the build up of limescale. It makes cleaning so much easier.
Amazing i doubted it as limescale is so bad in my house. But it actually works. Amazing.
Again first time as I have heavy lime scale I’ve used both of them and are pleased so far
My very old toilet cistern has just had a new lease of life thanks to out friendly plumber, adding these magnets seems to help.
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