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coffee machine cleaner & descaler

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(£1.16 per 100ml)

Delivery FAQ »

(£1.16 per 100ml)

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Ecozone’s Allergy UK approved Coffee Machine Cleaner is designed to work with all machine brands and types. The solution cuts through any lingering limescale and coffee build-up in machines, leaving a spotless and residue free appliance. The easy to use liquid solution leaves no taste or odour behind, for great tasting coffee every time. This descaler provides 5 uses.

Disclaimer: Use no more than 100ml of solution for every descale. Simply follow the descaling instructions as per your appliance manufacturers instructions or follow our guidance.

Using a descaler regularly will ensure appliances are kept in top condition and allow them to function efficiently and properly. Limescale can easily damage heating elements which can be a cause of premature malfunction. Ecozone recommends descaling appliances once a month.

  • Deep cleans & descales all coffee machine types
  • Provides a scale & residue free finish, while maintaining appliance performance & lifetime
  • Odour & taste free, non-toxic solution
  • With Allergy UK approved, plant- based & biodegradable ingredients

Ingredients Water, citric acid, malic acid, Amines C12-14 (even numbered)- Alkyldimethyl, N-oxides
Contents: 500ml
Product code:  ZONECOFF

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